Ben Hollows

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I am a student at the University of Canterbury with a passion for all things programming. During High School I had practical experience in developing web based projects using a variety of languages. Those projects saw use in the real world and benefited the community. Now that I am in University I have taken an interest in security and embedded programming. I am always looking to expand my knowledge and experience.


Super Street Arcade


I created an online site for GapFiller's Super Street Arcade. Teams from schools around Christchurch were creating games and needed a place for feedback from stakeholders and the wider community.

Written with node.js and preact, the website hosts games made from a variety of engines. It has been designed to load any WebGL game by downloading a compressed copy and letting the game engine load all assets from memory to improve performance.

Visit the site | Repository

Pavlova Pursuit

UNITY C# // 2017

I managed a team that created a game for the Super Street Arcade, with me working on most of the code and level design. The game was created in the Unity engine using C# and gave me the opportunity to learn about object pooling, basic level generation, and testing.

While the game was designed to be physically played on the arcade you can play it online here.

VLC Remote


This was an attempt to create a better web interface for VLC so I could play youtube videos as christmas music using my phone. Using preact and node.js it uses both the http and telnet interfaces for VLC to get as much functionality as possible.


EVolocity Scoreboard


A website, hosted locally on a raspberry pi, that served as a database for the scores of the EVolocity competition. The scores were updated live and displayed over a public WiFi network.

Additionally, an RFID reader attached to the pi was used to track the laps as cars went through the economy race.

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Leaderboard Display Score Entry


Teaching as Inquiry

PHP JQUERY // 2015

My first big project, this system was designed so that teachers at my High School could collaborate and organise their Teaching as Inquiry reports. Before, they would create a document for each report and share it with all relevant people. Organising these proved to be difficult so I created this system to get everything in one place with minimal administration needed.

This project is not publicly available. Click to show images. Click to hide images. This project is not publicly available. See images: Application